Legend of the blue sea Review

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The Legend Of The Blue Sea

As of now, I've watched 14 episodes of the drama. I'll update this post later once I've completed watching it.

First impressions:
When I first looked at the posters, I had initially thought that the drama's setting was in the past. Historical romance is my most favourite genre so it was definitely in my plan-to-watch list when the posters were released last year. When I heard that Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, the two well-known actors working together, there was no more reason for me to hesitate to watch this drama.

 I loved 'Faith' acted by Lee Min Ho and 'You who came from the stars' acted by Jun Ji Hyun.

My friend started watching this drama since the 3rd episode had aired and she told me that this drama was hilarious and that I should totally check it out. When I heard from her the plot of the drama, I was kind of disappointed at first since I was initially expected a historical drama but still, the plot did sound interesting but I didn't see at that time why it was considered the best rom com that managed to pull off the genre 'comedy' really well.

Goblin, the drama currently airing along with Legend of the blue sea was even more popular and had really high ratings of 9.2/10, which discouraged me from watching The Legend Of the blue sea at first.

But today, I had run out of rom-coms to watch as I just recently finished watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. That was when I finally decided to give this drama a try since there was only one episode left. (In case you are wondering why I didn't watch it earlier, it's because I hate on-going dramas more than anything else. I'm pretty sure most of you who are frustrated because of the cliff hangers at the end of the last episode of the week can relate to this.)

First Episode:
Did I mention how much I love historical dramas? When I saw Lee Min Ho in those clothes.... My heart was racing, seriously! And when I heard that he had a wife, you should have seen my face, I was so depressed. How could his wife hate a cutie like him? *sighs* Anyway, the moment their eyes (supposedly) met for the first time, I was already squealing like crazy.

I expected him to say "I'm going to make her my concubine (or second wife)" rather than "Free the mermaid." I mean seriously, would anyone in their right mind free a MERMAID? Well, apparently dramas do and I'm not complaining because that was what set the ball rolling. Thank you evil guy for capturing the mermaid!

And when the mermaid reaches out her hand for Lee Min Ho to take... AWWWW! I expected her to erase all of his memories but she didn't! The stupid guy who went on saying, "The worlds that a human and mermaid live in are clearly different, whether it's good or bad destiny, what use is it to form ties with it? It would be best for him to not take her hand" -.- I don't think LMH hates having met her over and over again cuz of his fate with that mermaid so that guy should just shut up and not feed the evil guy more information.
Does anyone else agree with me that the hand holding scene was romantic? I mean it might just be holding hands but that contact of skin was what led to their next meeting, and the next and the next.

I just recently watched the drama called "Oh my Geum Bi" where one of the main characters was also a con artist but he was terrible at it. So it was refreshing to see LMH conning people. i know it's bad but for some reason, I find it really cool. And hypnosis too? Wow, I wish I could do that. *Tries playing around with the lighter*

The part where she found the bracelet. I was thinking that it was her house and that she had kept the bracelet with her all this time. i mean how did she otherwise know where to find the bracelet unless she had super vision which allowed her to see past all those rocks and convince her to reach her hands into the hole.

This part was cute.

Throughout this episode Jun Ji Hyun didn't have much to say but seriously, her expressions nailed it! She managed to express her emotions so well that no words were necessary. This is what I would call a great actress! Being able to convey emotions through expressions alone isn't easy and yet she made us laugh so hard just with her acting skills. If anyone still hates Jun Ji Hyun after seeing her act in this episode, I don't think we will get along well.

This was the scene where they first meet in the present and this was when the comedy started too(well for me). I was wondering the whole time why LMH didn't have a concussion after flying so far and hitting hitting his head. But anyway, I was surprised to see that she was so strong when in the past, they showed her to be a weak girl who got easily caught by the fishermen and couldn't fend for herself. The whole time I was thinking that the mermaid in the past and the present were the same person. I didn't know she was actually reborn. I thought mermaids could live a really long life and assumed that was the reason why she had the bracelet all along.

The way she ate really cracked me up. LMH must have been so embarrassed to be seen with her. I wouldn't dare go to that restaurant again if it were me, seriously XD

This scene really reminded me of 'My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho'. I don't know if I'm the only one who was thinking that while watching the first half of this drama but seriously, most of the scenes here reminded me of that drama. Similarities I saw of the female leads of both dramas:
1. Eating; They both loved to eat and didn't know the proper way to eat
2. They were both unnaturally strong
3. They didn't know the ways of the world
4. They were both naive
5. They came from very far to Seoul, chasing after the guy they loved
6. Both of them are not human
7. Both of them will die if a certain condition isn't met

OMG, haha XD. I really cracked up at this part too. Poor LMH. I guess he would do anything to snatch that bracelet from her. But I remembered that somewhere around ep 10, where they showed how LMH became a con artist to find his mother, he said that he will only con rich people who had a lot of money. Does she look rich to him? Shouldn't he pity her cuz she's (crazy)? How could he steal the bracelet from a poor girl like her? Ah well, at least he had a guilty conscience that he went back in the rain to meet her again.

This scene killed me. It showed how the past was repeating itself, from the first time they met and when they meet again. LMH has taken an interest in her which was why he couldn't let her go like that.

The whole time I was thinking that the mermaid wasn't reborn but the same mermaid from hundreds of years ago which was why she was able to give away the bracelet so easily since it originally belonged to him. Unless she was meant to fall in love with him in the first episode, it doesn't make much sense for her to give up the bracelet. She might not know its monetary value but that bracelet came with strings attached from the past.

The rest of the episodes: (In no particular order)
I found this part cute too... Until JJH started blowing at it instead of drinking it XD
I can tell that at this part, LMH himself doesn't know what he was doing. His past self was attracted to JJH but his present self knew nothing of her yet he was so curious to find out.

Haha that would be me too! It looks so cool. But man, I wouldn't be able to live in a hotel room that HUGE cuz I'm not rich >.< I'm so envious of LMH. I didn't know conning people can earn you such a large amount of money that you can afford such a room in the hotel :O

HAHA XD. Her love for dramas is the same as mine! She looks like me when I spend the whole night 

watching dramas.        
But I was surprised at how fast she picked up Korean overnight! It took me a year and I'm still  not that good at it. This part was when I realised that she was reborn since in the past, the mermaid could speak to LMH and she was even able to tell their past love story.

The fights were seriously hilarious! LMH thought that he was the one who managed to beat up all the guys and kept on emphasising it to the girl. While LMH tried to beat up 3 guys, JJH had already beat up over 10 guys and they were all flying all over the place XD. Poor LMH doesn't know that. 

Seriously, the comedy here is so natural and not forced that I would not hesitate to say that this is the best rom com I've ever seen. 

I cried at this scene. At this episode(if I'm not wrong), they were showing the past where the boy ran away to the sea on the first night of his wedding to see the mermaid and jumped into the sea, knowing that the mermaid would save him. But what the guy didn't know was that a mermaid can erase memories once their lips touch and that's exactly what she did, so that the guy would no longer have to live with the painful memories. She would be the only one who had all the memories and the pain when he didn't. It was so sad, that I cried so much at that part. But i found it kinda cute when fate brought the two together when they were older. They were destined to meet again and again. At this point, i had already realised that fate was repeating itself.

And when they kissed here, I didn't know whether to squeal or to cry, I was conflicted. I mean the mermaid had the option to erase his memories or not but if she was going to chase after him all the way to Seoul, then couldn't she not have erased the memories? I thought that every time their lips touched, the memories of her would be gone but no, he was perfectly fine when they kissed later on in the drama. If she wanted him to fall in love with her, she shouldn't have erased the memories at all. But it was because of this that LMH was curious enough to keep her in the house. They could have made something else happen between them, which made her want to erase those memories.

And now she just had to leave him after that, only to chase after him to Seoul. If she was going to chase after him, she should have just stayed by his side when he woke up. Ah well, since it's k-drama logic, let's just say he has amnesia and they have parted ways now. Everything should have ended there but fate didn't let them be. She swam for 3 months to reach Seoul and find him. Well, that sounds romantic and all but I still don't get why she would have wanted to do that for a guy whose memories she just erased WILLINGLY so that he would forget about her. And now she WANTS him to remember her, and fall in love with her... Whatever, this just means that we will get funnier moments as LMH would have to encounter all of her strange habits all over again.

This part was so sad to watch. He couldn't remember her, thanks to her erasing his memories -.-, but her desperately trying to get his attention brought tears to my eyes. When LMH looked through her, as if she was a nobody, it was just so depressing. But JJH is to blame as she was the cause for that so I think she sort of deserved it.

Whoa, he just proved that he was a con artist here, leading on a naive girl like that. But it was hilarious to see how much the girl believed whatever he had told her. And the guy was set on finding out why he lost his memories. Well, who wouldn't be when there is a missing gap in your memories. 

It was cute to see how he fell in love with her all over again just like it had happened in the past. And when she was talking about "him in Spain", it was hilarious to see LMH getting all flustered and claiming that "that guy" which was technically him, was a pervert, a playboy...etc. It was so funny to see his reaction when he got his memories back. HAHA the RAMEN BOY was him after all XD. And his friend was like 'WTF? I'm just going to go sleep in my room even if it is freezing cold in there'. And he didn't stop there, he even talked about seo hwa, the mermaid, which was JJH's past self in front of her and also made her jealous. LMH so evil XD.

 This was around the time when LMH started reading JJH's mind cuz he's now fully in love with her. He could read the uncertainty she felt and kissed her to prove that he was indeed in love with her. It was so funny when he started being able to read her mind. JJH accidentally spilled her secret without even knowing it and LMH's reaction was totally believable. He was the one having those weird dreams at that time, unlike JJH so it's understandable when he felt scared and didn't want to believe those dreams. At this point of time, it was LMH's acting which kept the story going as it was now LMH going through the pain and uneasiness at this moment.

 We could tell that LMH was totally in love with at this point of time. He already knew her secret yet he didn't run away from her like she did when he found out he was a con artist. But it was expected since the person whom you trusted the most turns out to be a liar. He could have lied about his feelings and purposely draw in a naive girl like her to sell her off and earn money, not like LMH would do that but real con artists might do that.

Ok now onto the story of the past...

Both of them first met when the mermaid saved the drowning boy and they fell in love after getting to know each other for some time. But then the boy got married and ran off to meet the mermaid on his first wedding night. The girl saved him from drowning but erased all of his memories so that he could live a happy life. But his wife hated him since that night and she died from lung cancer. Later on, they meet each other again thanks to the evil guy capturing the mermaid and he freed her. The love story began again when she said that they will meet every time the lanterns are lit.

LMH continued to have dreams of the future where both of them meet again, fall in love, and the ill-fate happens yet again in the other world. So in order to prevent that from happening, he eft many clues for the future LMH to realise that he was real and to protect the mermaid from the evil guy.

The evil guy had still not given up on the mermaid and knew that when a mermaid falls in love, she would come to land in search of her lover. Using that as his clue, he cornered the guy and captured the mermaid who was later rescued by LMH again. But then, LMH was exiled as he was claimed to have been bewitched by the mermaid and was forced to leave the land which was when the evil guy attempted to kill the mermaid but the guy protected her and died instead. Not being able to live without him, the mermaid died right after him.

Personally, I liked the story of the past more than the present even though they didn't have a happy ending and couldn't spend much time together. I would have preferred the past to be the main story and the guy would have continued having dreams of the present and when they both die, they will show the last episode to be in the present where they defeat the evil guy and finally have their happily ever after ending.

Supporting roles:

 He is a great hacker and a con artist whom I loved so much. I could tell he really liked JJH but didn't have the courage to confess to her. It was so hilarious to see him sacrifice himself to protect his friends when they nearly got caught by the second female lead. I can't believe she actually believed him when he lied that he was in love with XD. And LMH was jealous of him at times.

I really love hackers and hot guys... He's totally my type XD

He was the one who said will help LMH find his mother whom he separated with when he was only 10. I really don't like him as he loves money more than his friends, from what I could see. And he was a busybody who was really curious about who or what JJH was. He was the reason LMH became a con artist but it was also thanks to him that JJH met LMH as he was the one who found out the price of the bracelet.

The second female lead. I found her really annoying but it was because of her that LMH was able to connect with his past self and realise his feelings for JJH. And JJH learnt quite a number of things about the real world from her.

She really loved the main lead and would do anything to get his heart. She wanted to find his mother for him but turns out the maid that worked in her house was his mother and she remembered all those times when she treated her badly and hence she couldn't reveal the face that she was her mother. I really hated her for that because LMH had longed to see his mother for a really long time and she knew who it was but never revealed it for selfish reasons.

I was really surprised when I found out that she could hear the mermaid's voice. I do not know why, (is it because she is innocent and is a child?) but both in the past and the present, she was able to hear her voice. She helped the female lead a lot and I really liked her in the drama.

I really hated him in this drama as it was because of him that the leads suffered a lot and couldn't end up together... Or so I thought till I found out that it was his brother who was pure evil all along. When JJH tried to erase his memories, she saw the memories of the past where it also showed how much he had suffered both in the past and the present so I forgave him as it was the circumstances that changed him. And in the past, it wasn't him who killed them but the second male lead.

Overall, I enjoyed this drama so far. but ever since I found out that the brother was the real evil guy, I've lost motivation to continue watching it as all the pieces have already been connected and the only thing left to know now is how they defeat him and whether they end up together or not.

For now, my rating is 9/10



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