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Hello Everyone!

Long Bio:

My pen name is Valerie and I have had a passion for stories since I was 12. 

Everything changed for me when I picked up my first YA series. It was called "The Iron Fey Series" and that was when my love for stories began.

I didn't know stories could be this intriguing and I loved the pictures the authors drew in my mind as I read. I never knew how strong the power of words could be till then. During the long break I had, I spent 16 hours everyday reading and somehow I felt that it just wasn't enough. I went on to watch Hollywood movies and tv series and my love for stories continued to grow.

When I was in school, I didn't have many friends as I spent most of my time reading. But I knew that I couldn't be an introvert forever so I decided to pick up something that many in my country enjoyed. K-pop, korean dramas, and anime are really popular in my country. I was not really interested in music so I decided to give K-dramas a try instead in Jan 2014.

At first, it was really frustrating to read the subs, to identify the actors and to differentiate the genders because they all looked alike to me. 

My very first drama was "Coffee Prince" a gender bender rom com. That was when I realised that the stories in K-dramas were a lot different than the ones I was used to reading and I got addicted.

It has been 3 years since I've started watching dramas and till now, I've watched a total of 383 Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai dramas. I also watch Spanish, French, Philippine, Hindi, Tamil, American, Malaysian and British dramas which are not included in the total dramas (383) mentioned above. I keep track of dramas I watch in mydramalist.com which does not have dramas of other languages.

I watch dramas of all languages(as long as there are english subtitles) and of all genres including LGBT+ and except non-fiction(I'm sorry but I hate the news as well. I've never watched the news even once in my life though I'm planning to start soon as my english papers require me to know a lot of GK which I'm lacking in). I don't like watching horror but as long as it has a good plot, I don't mind giving it a try.

I started watching anime during June 2014 when I became aware of how addicted I was to K-dramas. I decided to take a 3 month break from dramas and I was restless during that time as reading novels alone didn't satisfy my hunger for stories. That was when I was introduced to anime. My first anime was Ouran Highschool Host club and I didn't like it at all. (Ironically, my first drama and first anime were both gender benders XD). I thought that the story was just repeating itself over and over again and didn't understand why many people enjoyed watching it. I'm sorry but I wasn't fond of watching humour at that time.

My second anime was Kamisama Hajimemashita, which was a lot better in terms of the story so I enjoyed it a lot. And then I became an otaku ever since. Btw, I went back to rewatch Ouran Highschool Host Club and enjoyed watching it a lot. At that time, I wasn't used to watching humour so I wasn't entertained but now, I love watching animes like OHSHC from time to time.

So I have been watching anime for 30 months and as of now, I have watched a total of 174 anime and 363 manga, webtoons, and manhwa. This list excludes yuri, yaoi, shounen ai, and shoujo ai manga/manhwa/webtoons I have read and also some webtoons which weren't included in myanimelist.net like 'Tower of god'. 

I don't keep track of LGBT+ manga and anime I watch as most of them only have one volumes or are really short. I prefer reading manga with over 100 chapters compared to 5 chapters as there is more development in longer manga than shorter ones. By now, I'm pretty sure you would have figured out that I watch and read all of this because of the story.

My favourite genres depend on what kind I'm watching or reading. For novels, I personally love YA romance books and historical romance books. For dramas, I love historical romance dramas the best, followed by rom coms. For anime, I love fantasy romance anime the best and for manga, I love shoji romance manga and historical romance manga. For webtoons, I prefer to read long mystery or fantasy webtoons like "God Of Tower" and "Noblesse". For manhwas, I prefer to read historical romance.

So my most favourite genre would be romance. But it doesn't mean that I ONLY watch or read dramas that have the romance genre.

So, why am I saying all this to a total stranger like you? 

If you are someone who appreciates stories a lot more than fan service in anime or the good looking actors, then this blog would probably be useful for you. I am really good at recommending asian dramas, anime, manga, webtoon and manhwa for others since I watch and read widely. So far I've given personal recommendations to over 400 people in several anime and drama apps I use and most of them were satisfied with my recommendations.

So if you are someone looking for recommendations, simply leave a message with information on dramas/anime/manga you like, the genres you like, the theme(optional) you would like-for example, dramas on first love- and what type of dramas/manga/anime you would like to watch, and any other info you would like to tell me.

If you are someone new who are looking to watch their first drama/manga/anime, you can ask me for recommendations but I strongly suggest not to start watching if you have not finished schooling. I am not saying this because of age but because I know what it feels like to be so addicted that you don't care what happens to your exams or your own life. I feel that if you're in college or have graduated from college, you would be mature enough to make decisions for yourself, and wouldn't be as obsessed with dramas and anime like teenagers. You would be able to differentiate your needs and wants and keep a balance between your life and dramas/anime.

Personally, I don't mind people starting to watch dramas/anime when they are 10-12. But 16-18 is a really critical time of our lives so please don't waste them by spending too much time on dramas/anime or start watching your very first anime/drama. School and life is more important than dramas/anime so please make wise decisions.

How often would I update this blog?

Well, I hope I will be able to post at least once a week or whenever I have inspiration to write a post.  I will probably be posting more when I'm on holidays.

What would I be posting in this blog?

I will be posting reviews on the dramas, anime, manga, manhwa, webtoon, novels and movies I watch. I will also be posting recommendation blogs that falls under certain themes or genres. I will also post on overrated and underrated dramas from time to time. Basically I will be posting anything related to dramas, anime, manga, manhwa, webtoon, novels and movies.


The content posted here all belongs to me unless stated otherwise. If I see any part of my blog being posted elsewhere without my permission and without any credit given to me, I can sue you and the website. All rights reserved.

The photos, gifs, videos and pictures, DO NOT belong to me unless otherwise stated. They belong to their respective owners-For the gifs, it would be those who created them, and for the rest, it will be the actors, directors, authors of the production.

Things to take note before you read my blog

The blogs I've posted are all MY opinions only. If you disagree with anything I have written there, then please fill up the contact form and kindly inform me why you think what I had written was not right. If you were to comment rudely on my blog, I can choose to ignore you or report you. I don't mind if you have an opposing view and would like to share it with others but please put it nicely and try not to use curse words.

I might have missed certain parts of the drama unknowingly which might have caused me to misunderstand certain things in the drama so I hope you would be kind enough to point the episode out for me before you criticise me. I am a human so I do make mistakes from time to time. I'm not saying that I will be right all the time.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope we can be friends :D



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